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10 keys to educate your child in a healthy use of technology

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10 keys to educate your child in a healthy use of technology

Limit the time the child spends in front of a screen: Childhood is a fundamental time in personal and social development turkey phone number. The child needs to explore the world around him and interact with everything around him, not just with the screens.

Avoid sedentary lifestyle: It is about alternating the time of exposure of children to technology with physical activities outdoors. Above all, because the absence of activity can lead to problems such as childhood obesity.

Boredom doesn’t have to be bad: Children don’t need to be entertained all day. It is important to encourage other activities in which they can occupy free time and leisure.

Establish screen-free zones and hours: Not making use of screens in the bedroom will help to prevent rest. In addition, it is recommended to stop using them an hour before going to sleep, since they can cause alterations in sleep behavior that prevent them from resting properly.

Try to avoid the use of helmets: It is advisable to limit the use of headphones so that the child does not isolate himself from his environment. Of course, if used, the volume level must be controlled so that it does not negatively affect your hearing.

Control viewing distance and angle: Keeping the device at the correct distance prevents eye fatigue, as well as other eye injuries or headaches. The recommended thing is 30 cm for mobiles and 40 cm for tablets, as well as a slight inclination of the devices.

Adopt an optimal posture: It is essential that the back and neck are positioned correctly to protect the spine from pain or deviations at a time of special importance for its correct development.
Ensure the quality of the content: Given the high supply of content available, you have to choose those that can provide you with knowledge beyond simple entertainment.

Respect the optimal periods: There are moments that are key for certain learning or progress to take place. If due to the abuse of television, mobile phones, computers or tablets, the child does not receive adequate stimulation, difficulties in the acquisition of certain skills or abilities could manifest.

Lead by example: This is the most important piece of advice of all and it depends exclusively on the parents. Children learn from what they see at home. It will be of little use to correct them if they see that their parents are not using technology well. It is best to maintain a regular dialogue on the use that is given to electronic devices and promote responsible use Gulf Phone Number List.

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