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10 keys to a good email marketing campaign

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10 keys to a good email marketing campaign

A good reputation, relevant content, and consistent list hygiene are some of the keys to running a successful email marketing campaign afghanistan phone number lookup.
The Certified Senders Alliance, CSA, shares with us 10 tips to succeed with our email marketing campaign and maintain a relationship of trust with current and future clients.

High-quality addresses. Send to addresses of people that have been legally generated, who you know want to have your information and whose consent you can prove at any time. In this way you will protect your reputation and establish a relationship of trust with your clients. Also make sure to use the double subscription procedure.

Speak clearly. Be honest, even when it comes to attracting new subscribers to your newsletter. Use clear and understandable words, and do not “hide” your request for advertising consent. The recipient notices it at the latest when she receives a newsletter that she did not knowingly request and then unsubscribes, or worse, marks it as spam in her mailbox.

Beware of the trap. If you send an email to a spam trap, your reputation as a reputable sender suffers and you quickly end up blacklisted. Keep your address lists updated and consciously cared for. Remove inactive addresses from your lists immediately, and don’t send them to old addresses that you haven’t used in years.

Hygiene. If your email service provider (ESP) offers the option, use a feedback loop. You will then receive feedback from your provider about the recipients classifying your email as spam or junk. This also helps you with list hygiene, of course only if you remove the corresponding addresses from your list immediately.

Beware of competitions. If you are participating in a competition as a co-sponsor to generate addresses, make sure that the number of sponsors is small (max 8) and that you can access the recipient’s declaration of consent at any time.

Keep your word, respect the agreements. If you have consent to receive a fashion newsletter, please do not send car advertisements. If there is already a customer relationship with the recipient of a certain product, be sure to send them information about the same or a similar product. In other cases, you only send advertisements for products or services that are mentioned in the consent statement. Avoid vague industry names on the return, such as “finance and insurance” or “mail order.”

It complies with the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR). Forever. Not only because you now face severe fines for non-compliance, but also because a violation of the law jeopardizes your good reputation and the trust of your customers.

Beware of phishing. Trust the SPF, DKIM and DMARC standards when you send your emails. With the help of DMARC, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), you have the ability to make your emails clearly recognizable to a mailbox provider and at the same time determine how you should handle emails electronics that were supposed to have come from you. As a result, phishing emails can be reliably identified and filtered before they reach the recipient and cause potential harm to your customer.

Content counts a lot. If you know your customers’ expectations and provide them with exactly the content they want to read, you’ve already taken a big step. Relevance creates interest, retains existing customers, and generates new customers.

Attend the CSA Email Summit 2020 (April 22-24 in Cologne). For three days, marketing experts, computer geeks and executives from more than 15 countries will discuss new developments related to the email industry Gulf Phone Number List.

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